The Fridgecast

The Fridgecast: Episode 27 - San Diego Comic-Con 2014

September 24, 2014

Did you miss us? We missed you!  Now that our SDCC coverage has finally wrapped up, we sat down and talked about it, because that's how much we miss it.  It may only technically last 5 days, but it's actually some kind of magic time compression that actually shoves about 3 months of events, activities, giveaways, and things-to-do into a single extended weekend.

This is a super-sized episode that's broken up into two parts. In the first part, Rob Piontek and I talk about our weekends during the event and all the cool stuff we got to do and see.  We took a blurry photo with Phil Coulson. We got to play video games. We met Batman (again) and found out what's in store for Master Chief.  It was pretty great.

In the second part, the other half of OTF's SDCC attack force - Krys Lewis, Claire Rudolph, and Vicky Bartolo - talk about their time at the Sleepy Hollow press rooms and more.  Krys, Claire, and Vicky came through in a way that I cannot express.  The schedules this year prevented us from doing so many things (we called this one "ConflictCon 2014"), but their help allowed us to get some great stuff.  Thanks a bunch, ladies!

So, like a phoenix from the ashes, listen to the Fridgecast podcast!