The Fridgecast

Fridgecast - Episode 12: Avengers Assemble

May 8, 2012

Captain America, Iron Man, and co. are having a big year, not the least of which includes the biggest domestic opening weekend in US history.  After grossing $700+ million dollars (as of today; it was "only" $550 million at time of recording), Marvel's Mightiest Heroes have cemented their place in the pantheon of movie history. ...and, quite frankly, it was well deserved.

Dwight Tejano, Sean Sorensen, and Rob "Tek" Piontek assemble to talk about the incredible Joss Whedon flick, The Avengers: what we liked, what we didn't, where it's going, and why the Hulk stole every scene he was in.  We also discuss The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the animated series on Disney XD, and how it ties into the ever profitable film franchise.

Get ready, true believers!  It's the Fridgecast, episode 12: Avengers Assemble!