The Fridgecast

Fridgecast Special - Rob Paulsen at NYCC

October 12, 2012

There's a man you all know, even if you don't quite know that you know him.

With a voice acting career spanning decades, you grew up with him -- voicing characters like TMNT's Raphael, the dim-witted lab mouse (poit!) Pinky of Pinky and the Brain (narf!), and everyone's favorite geography expert, Yakko Warner, among hundreds of others.

That man is, of course, Rob Paulsen.

After a panel promoting his new venture Bravoman from ShiftyLook (complete with a rousing rendition of "Yakko's World"), Mr. Paulsen was kind enough to speak with our very own Rob "Tek" Piontek about his podcast, his work on the new TMNT (this time as Donatello), and more.

We fully intended for this recording to be a part of our post-NYCC podcast, but this interview with Paulsen was just too entertaining to wait.

Thanks again, Rob!  We hope to catch you again in the future!