The Fridgecast

The Fridgecast: Episode 18 - A New York Comic-Con State of Mind

October 22, 2012

It's the final convention of the year for us at OTF, and it was a memorable one!  New York Comic Con 2012 concluded just over a week ago, and our three inimitable Fridge Stuffers - Amy Imhoff, Rob "Tek" Piontek, and Dwight Tejano - were on hand to celebrate the geek culture with 100,000+ kindred spirits.

To say that enjoyment was had by all would be an understatement -- this was an event to rival the excitement of San Diego.  Amy, Tek, and Dwight recount their weekends -- what they saw, what they obtained, and what they covered for your perusal on the Fridge.  What singular made their respective weekends?  What would they change for next year?  Why, after so many conventions, is Tek still jonesing for more?

Find out all this and more on this very special Fridgecast!