The Fridgecast

The Fridgecast: Episode 23 - Comic Conquest

September 20, 2013

After our chat with the wonderful Vanessa Marshall, we found ourselves talking about Comic-Con all over again! Yes, it's been a few months since San Diego, but we're looking forward to the quickly approaching New York Comic Con in October and beyond!  The comic con (lower case "c") has kind of dominated our lives in recent years. We try to go to as many as our meager budgets allow. But why? What is so appealing that we spend so much of our time, money, and energy in a day (or four) of "comic stuff"?

This episode is a long one since it's composed of two parts: in the first part (recorded back in early August), Dwight, Tek, and Sean talk about San Diego Comic Con and Boston Comic Con. Dwight and Tek share their stories from San Diego, and Sean, a (relatively) new parent, talks about being a parent at a convention for the first time when he brings his daughter to Boston.

In the second part (starting at about the 45 min mark), Dwight, Amy, and our guests Rob and Erin Guerrera talk about convention firsts - Amy's first San Diego experience and first time as a panelist at the Star Trek convention, Rob's experience at his first ever convention in New York last year, and what Erin can look forward to when she experiences the whole scene for herself for the first time in a few weeks.

Make it all the way to the end of this two hour episode, and I owe you a coke!